House of Forged

    House of Forged shafts are manufactured at the LA GOLF SHAFTS facility in Anaheim, Ca - USA

    Electronic Machine Rolling
    Unlike other manufacturers that cut costs by using unskilled workers for manual shaft rolling, LAGS employs skilled technicians operating electronic machines. This advanced approach ensures precision and consistency throughout the manufacturing process.

    HD Design - Patented 16-Sided Interior
    LAGS introduces the revolutionary "HD" design with a patented 16-sided interior, a groundbreaking innovation. Unlike the traditional round interior, this design resists ovalling, preserving structural integrity even under extreme stress. The 16-sided interior delivers strength, balance, and a noticeable performance boost, setting LAGS apart from competitors.

    DE Curve Analysis - Unparalleled Shaft Testing
    LAGS employs patented Deformation of Energy (DE) curve analysis to detect weak spots in shafts, guaranteeing both strength and consistent performance across all shafts produced.

    TTR - Tip-Torsion-Resistance Technology
    Through the patented TTR technology, LAGS achieves remarkable tip-section reinforcement without compromising feel. This approach enhances tip strength and resistance to twisting while maintaining exceptional control and sensitivity in the shaft.