Nippon N.S. Pro Modus Tour 125 Iron Shaft .355″ Taper Tip

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N.S. PRO MODUS³ Tour 125 was the most popular N.S. PRO MODUS³ Prototype on the Japan Golf Tour Organization. Known initially as System3, the N.S. PRO MODUS³ Tour 125 is the first of several prototypes Nippon Shaft developed in the System group.

The System group of prototypes quickly grew in popularity on the JGTO with the System3 leading the way with several sets immediately in play upon it’s release.

After several design adjustments and with the addition of MHT Heat treatment technology, the System3 was renamed N.S. PRO MODUS³ Tour 125 and is now available for the global market.

SKU Modus 125, .355″ 
WEIGHT 127.5g
BUTT .600″
TIP .355
FLEX R / S / X
LENGTH 40.50″ – 37.00″