Mitsubishi Grand Bassara Wood Shaft

Regular price $450.00

Made in Japan using the tightest tolerances (± 1g ± 1cpm), most rigorous quality control measures and the finest lightweight materials available, we have developed our most innovative high-performance, 29 and 39-gram ultra-lightweight golf shafts to date.

GRAND BASSARA™ not only delivers strength, stability and performance, but also superior feel. Our ability to push the limits of ultra-lightweight and performance is largely due to strategic use of an innovative new proprietary carbon fiber material – MR70. MR70 is 20% stronger and 10% greater modulus elasticity than comparable materials, and has helped us take our game to the next level.

GRAND BASSARA™ is finished with an ultra-premium ION Plating (IP) with a jet black dye, and sophisticated holographic decal.


Flex Lite / R / S

Weight 32g / 35g / 43g / 45g / 48g

Tip .335 Length 46.00″

Launch Mid-High Torque 11.8 / 10.8

Type Wood